Hello There! Name’s Jack.

The autobiography of the copywriter you’ve been looking for:

Kidding. You don’t have time for my story.
You just want to know if I can get people hooked on yours. 

After all, humans love a good tale.
Once we know someone’s story.

We are more likely to connect and buy from them.

My words help bridge the gap between your story and your readers.

Compelling words that ensure the bridge never collapses.

This means you spend less time chasing cold leads and more time with the warm ones.

How exactly?

pic of Jack Ashu Golden
Sci-fi nerd. Music enthusiast. Water sommelier.

[My Psychology and Sales background] + [Your Brand Voice]  =

Are We A Good Fit?

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My Approach to Copywriting

Honesty is the Best Policy: I know my strengths and weaknesses. If I lack the passion to research your market, it’ll be the first thing I tell you. I refuse to waste your time with a second-rate product, so I’ll help you find someone who can better deliver.

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