What the Honest F.A.Q.?
Here’s my Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Unless your needs involve a specific retainer arrangement,  I don’t do hourly rate.
Here’s why: 
You’re not investing in the hours on the clock,  you’re investing in copy that gives value to your business. 
You’d actually be paying more if it took me weeks to think of a banger idea.
On the flip side, I couldn’t look my virtual dog in the eyes if he found out my spark of genius was only an hour of work — Bark Twain needs his kibbles!

Charging per project covers both our behinds.

“You can’t.”
Or rather: “you cannot, sadly.”
Or, if you will, “Henceforth, I regret to inform you, you are unable to request-“

You get the picture. It’s too easy to have padded, fluffy words that don’t mean anything.
Copy is about using words wisely to get results.
Not reach the word count of an essay.

If it can’t be helped:

Short blogs: $150 per 200 Words

Long blogs: $600 per 1000 Words

Note: Rate depends on the amount of research involved — plays a huge factor.
You’re paying for:

  • Topic Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Article Outline
  • SEO
  • Drafts
  • Proofreading
  • Citations/Links
  • Up to 2 rounds of revision
  • Editing
  • Communications

For long-term arrangements with consistent workflow, discounts can be discussed. 

Here’s the thing: I did some design work in the past. People enjoy seeing you wear multiple hats yet rarely charge of all of them. I wised up and decided to only focus on making you good copy.

So for that reason: it’s a no for me.
As a copywriter, I’ll work closely with your designer, of course! I take into account design and UX in my copy.

I quote on a case-by-case basis since each client is different.

For example, your Ad copy may need fewer deliverables compared to someone else’s ad.

I need to know the full scope of the project in great detail before I offer a fair price.

Be warned that good copy will cost money, while bad copy will cost you MORE.

No worries, that’s why I’m here! So long as you have a vague idea of your brand’s style and how might copy solve your problem, I can help you!

I offer a paid roadmapping session to figure out your needs and what makes the most sense for your business.

One of two ways!
Option 1: I’m okay with getting no writing credit if you’re okay getting charged a little more to cover my loss.
Writers need bylines to grow. No byline= No growth.
Option 2: If you throw in a byline that has my name and a backlink, I’ll charge you less for the project.
Either way, you’ll get the same quality of writing.

My quotes come from what we’ve agreed on. For big projects and retainers, we’ll sign a contract showing we’re on the same page. Small changes and revisions are okay. It’s once things start straying away from our written contract and into the Wild West is when I bill extra.

If you need to cancel your project, I’ll invoice you for a 50% kill fee for Liam Neeson I hired to find you to cover the time and effort I’ve already invested. Not to mention the lost income from other gigs I had to turn down while working on your crinkled-up project.

You’d be asking a lot from me. Cutting in line of other clients and putting my soap operas on pause.
It’s unlikely I can. Even if I could, rushed writing has led to some super stinky stuff. (Don’t get me started on The Sequel Trilogy)
If you’re hellbent on needing it immediately, I’ll see if I can move my schedule around and pull an all-nighter. 

But stress isn’t free.
30% Rush Fee + An apology letter to my hamster, Dr. Chuckles, for the inconvenience. 

For new clients and big projects, you’ll get two invoices:

Invoice #1: 50% advance deposit. Before the project even starts.

Invoice #2: 50% remaining. Sent when the project is done. Due within 9 days.

For small project, you’ll get a single invoice.

I prefer good ol’ reliable PayPal for payments. 

Click HERE to fill out a form with your details. 

The more detail you can provide about your goals, pains, and desires – the better!
We’ll schedule a 30-minute call to talk about your project and see if we’re a good fit.
After we figure out the scope of the project, I’ll send you a detailed proposal and contract to review.
Once you’ve agreed and signed, I’ll send over an invoice for a 50% deposit! Once paid, we kickoff and I start working!

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