What can I do for you?

No matter the medium, you get customer-focused copy that sells your brand’s unique value.
Which usually means more cash flow for your business. 
You deserve copy tailored to solve your needs and get you results. 

Website Copy

Want to turn more visitors into customers? Need more people to click “sign-up”?
Transform your web page with words that WOW customers into reaching for their wallet.

o Landing Pages: Grab your visitors’ attention the minute they arrive and entice them to take action.

o Services Pages: Crystal clear write-ups of what you do and how well you do it. 

o Sales Pages and Product Descriptions: Feature-centric copy is a snooze-fest.
Speak to the benefits and make them daydream with copy that captures their imagination.

o About Me Pages: Build trust by showing off your industry expertise, your personality, and your story. 

o Case Studies: Show you’re the real deal with social proof of what you’ve done for real people. 
Inspiring stories of you fixing someone’s problem that make skeptics think twice.

o Website Audit: Get actionable feedback on your website’s copy, design, and user experience.
Advice that acts like CPR and brings your conversions back to life.

o Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Aware: Giving your site the factors it needs to get you closer to Google’s front page.

Digital Advertising

How do you fight off the dreadful phone scrolling and get followers on your social platform?
Hit them with copy that speaks their language. 

o Email Sequences (Sales Funnels): Your competition might underestimate the power of emails.
Stay ahead of the curb. Win big with hard to ignore subject lines your audience will love to open.
Personalized copy that has buyer objections answered and your subscriber count soaring.

o Social Media Ads: Your brand’s voice takes center stage! Capture attention. Gain fans.
Give your social media the engagement it deserves.

o Video and Audio Scripts: Active listeners will stay tuned with your corporate videos, podcasts, and TV/radio adverts.  

Print Copy

Copy that uses the publishing world to reach your audience when the wi-fi is down.
When used with digital, print copy can encourage people to visit your website.

o Direct Mail: Researched copy that separates you from the other junk your readers get in the mail.

o Newspapers and Magazine Ads: Keeping your base engaged and up-to-date with conversational copy.

o Pamphlets and Brochures: You’re the best at what you do and you want words that show it.

o Posters and Flyers: Catch your reader’s eye with copy that makes your brand worth gushing over.

o Event Promotions: Gain more ticket sales with show-stopping copy.

Brand Identity

Without a recongizable brand identity, you’re a vending machine. Filled with product your rivals also sell.
Give your audience something to be fans of through brand consistency. 

o Brand Guidelines: Does every email you send need humor? Do you value adventure and hope your traveling audience sees your big chad energy? Your brand guide becomes your bible – ruling what thou can say and how thou can say it. Sounding consistent with your brand builds up an audience willing to listen.

o Tone of Voice: It’s not what you say, but how you say it. People remember how you made them feel. Turning your values and personality into words that get your customers to smile.

o Tag Lines and Slogans: Squeezing the essence of your brand into a few words like a hydraulic copy press.

Content Writing

Instead of words that sell, you need words that entertain or inform.
You’re tired of coming up with engaging content for your readers and need someone who is an idea generator.
Got you covered.

o Blog Posts and Articles: Give your readers the kind of content that makes them click, read, and share.

o Ghostwriting: Don’t have the time to write when you’ve got hundreds of other things on your plate?
You get to manage your business; I’ll take the writing off your hands.

o White Papers: You want other businesses to see you with authority. A master at your craft.
Copy that dumbs down the jargon and gets people saying “I NEED this”.

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